W. Brandt Goldsworthy

W. Brandt Goldsworthy

W. Brandt GoldsworthyThe late W. Brandt Goldsworthy authored more than 115 published articles, received 50 U.S. patents, was inducted into the U.S. Plastics Hall of Fame in 1979 and received NASA's Certificate of Recognition for creative development for a composite beam cap forming system in 1983. He received the first Jud Hall Composites Manufacturing Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, as well as the Society of Plastics Engineers' John Wesley Hyatt Service to Mankind award. The Society of the Plastics Industry awarded him the Counterpoise Award for the development of an all-composite pultruded railcar for the Union Pacific Railroad. In May 1993, the faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of Brussels, Belgium awarded Mr. Goldsworthy the Medal of Excellence in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, an award given previously only to Soichiro Honda of Honda Motors. The Belgian government knighted Mr. Goldsworthy for his contributions to industry.

Aircraft designer Burt Rutan is quoted in a memorial article published in High-Performance Composites magazine (May 2003) -- and on the website -- as saying of Mr. Goldsworthy, "He's just smarter than the rest of us. And he's done an enormous amount of creative, productive work -- certainly, he's my inspiration."

The owner of W. Brandt Goldsworthy & Associates, Inc., Mr. Goldsworthy, was one of the major innovators in the field of fiber reinforced plastics and in particular the pultrusion process. He passed away in 2003.

Snap-lock housing technology was developed by Mr. Goldsworthy under the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Department of Commerce) Advance Technology Program and the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Program.