About Us

Dr. Raymond BrowningDr. Raymond Browning, a physicist and engineer, is identified as the co-inventor with Mr. Goldsworthy in the provisional patent application. He has authored and co-authored 12 patent applications in the last two years including designs for composite housing. He has founded several small companies in his areas of expertise. In 1995 he founded a company writing software for the semiconductor industry. He sold the company to Canon (Japan). He also works in the areas of scheduling theory (US patent application 20030158618 A1, assigned to Canon), robotics, and composites. Dr. Browning is from the UK and he has a doctorate in physics. He came to Stanford University in 1981 where he was a consulting professor with an emphasis on electron scattering theory and electron beam technologies for the semiconductor industry. He developed an electron scattering cross-section that is used extensively for the interpretation of electron microcopy images and electron beam metrology tools. He has authored over 50 referenced papers and has given many talks at international conferences.

The intellectual property rights, including the U.S. patent technology, are owned by James M. Dombroski, Dr. Browning and Craig Stainbrook. They are interested in selling all rights to the technology. Mr. Dombroski, of Petaluma, California, is an attorney licensed in California and Hawai`i and was formerly counsel for W. Brandt Goldsworthy & Associates, Inc.